Should Conservatives Support Bad Police?

Look man, I think you mean well, but Floyd’s death wasn’t caused by carotid massage, or eating a sandwich, or ear candles or any other strange, abnormal, freak occurrence. #1

The man had lethal levels of fentanyl in his blood, mixed with methamphetamine, and eye witnesses watched him pound Percocet just before the cops arrived. Oh, and he had Covid19. He blacked out and his friends in the car couldn’t wake him up before police even showed up. #2

We don’t need alternative Goldbergian theories of death that involve rare, complex, interactions between sandwiches and vagus nerves. #1 (yes, it’s repeated, because this concept is not arcane, it’s often exploited for medical purposes). 

I think he’ll be convicted. He’s white. White people are bad and have to be punished, whether they did anything or not. Best he can hope for is a hung jury.
#1 Derek Michael Chauvin, suspected of killing George Floyd, neither of which interest me sufficiently to follow the details of or watch the trial. Yet one aspect of the trial does interest me, the contention that since there is no damage to the neck or throat, that the officer could not have asphyxiated George Floyd by the application of the officer’s knee to Floyd’s neck. 
From the above links, demonstrably, one can apply pressure to the neck and cause the death of the victim without causing damage to the throat that would be typical of more common forms of traumatic asphyxiation. 
In response the to above comment, that Floyd just happened to die from an overdose while a cop with a known history of violent actions happened to have his knee on this neck, and continued to do so until after he stopped talking and stopped breathing? That’s not very likely. 
I must admit, looking through the list of violent actions in the above article, I do not see anything of note, although the article says “The Minneapolis Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for Chauvin’s full service record”  therefore the record of any involvement in violence may not be complete. 
The comment I’m responding to added this: We don’t need alternative Goldbergian theories of death that involve rare, complex, interactions between sandwiches and vagus nerves. Yet we do, since the coroner seems to have ruled-out Traumatic Asphyxiation but these forms of asphyxiation (two links above) remain as a strong possibility. 
The management of SVT using vagal maneuvers has relied on a centuries-old procedure, which has undergone only minor modification over time.
Centuries Old Procedure, the effect of Vagal Maneuvers is not an arcane concept. 
The commenter referred to this article: 
Can Eating a Sandwich Stop Your Heart?
In a word: Yes. The question is, why? Hint: nerve signals are blocked
The article details a 25 Year Old, thin, woman, that experienced pauses in her Heart Beat known as “swallow syncope.” They noted that the patient had, upon swallowing a bite from a sandwich, an “Atrioventricular block, lasting longer than two seconds” and ultimately the patient had to be fitted with a Pacemaker to permit her heart to continue functioning normally as she ate. 
We have a Sympathetic and a Parasympathetic Nervous System. The Sympathetic Ramps Up Heart Rate, Respiration, Heart Contractile Force, and Blood Pressure, in conjunction with hormones, such as Adrenaline, in preparation for Fight or Flight Situations. But the Adrenaline would persist after the event, as it is in circulation in the blood, so the Parasympathetic Nervous System acts directly on the Heart to Slow the Heart Rate, the right vagus nerve supplies the SA node and slows its pacemaker; the left vagus innervates the AV node and slows its conduction of the cardiac impulse to the bundle of HIS.
So, Vagus Maneuvers, intentionally, or unintentionally, done, can have a profound, and possibly fatal, effect on the Heart, likely more so on someone taking certain legal or illegal drugs that already have an effect on the Heart and Respiration. 
#2 Coroners, and Crime Labs, have a history of offering customized Lab Test Results tailored for the Prosecution. With an Officer Involved, the odds of the Lab Rigging the Results to benefit the Officer increase.

Should Conservatives Universally Support Police? 
The reason I bring these things to light is that Conservatives need to stop supporting cops unless the support is worthwhile. Chauvin has become the catalyst for the destruction of businesses, commerce, and lives, and, frankly, it’s just not worth protecting a cop just because he’s a cop, especially if he’s a bad cop. But I realize that, in the absence of Chauvin as the catalyst, someone else would soon have filled that purpose, and I’m not suggesting that the person was necessarily guilty of the crimes of which he or she is accused, as perhaps Chauvin is Not Guilty in a Malicious Sense. I don’t believe the attention on Chauvin is warranted, not if society dismisses astronomical numbers of murders and violent crimes in some communities, if lives are important, that violence needs addressed, and if that violence was addressed, the comparatively few cops involved in the violence may be a thing of the past. 
After a year of Campaigning, and officers allowing statues to be torn down, buildings and cars burned, people attacked and killed, we should have little regard for those cops as it is. Police made the decision to support antifa and blm, at least indirectly, by not protecting public and private property, citizens, and lives from their riots. Police have harassed Conservatives and refused to provide Aid and Intervention when Trump supporters were attacked by antifa and blm. 
My articles on methods of strangulation and asphyxiation are not some remote possibility, they are likely what happened, with Floyd’s condition (Drug Use) being partly responsible for a dampened cardiac output, creation of cardiac instability, or diminished respiration in the presence of the knee on the neck.
So many are listed as having covid [19], in case you failed to notice, the flu disappeared this year, perhaps since the “PCR Test” Flags many situations as covid that have nothing to do with it. There is a new diagnostic code of PIC (pneumonia, influenza, and covid) used in the medical field. 

Below: These cops went to jail, but this is the exception for corrupt cops, usually fellow cops and the police department cover for them.

After shooting this vehicle 103 Times, wounding one woman in the hand and the other in the back, the Police Chief initially said “His Officers had done nothing wrong”. Nothing Wrong? Seriously, they couldn’t have done more wrong. They shot a vehicle that 2 innocent women were in 103 Times because they mistook the Sound of a Newspaper hitting the street as a gun shot. 
102 Bullet Holes
surfer David Perdue Pick-Up
Hey Look, a Black Truck Driven by a White Guy, it must be the former ex-cop that became a cop-killer, but the cop was unmistakably black. So, cops ram the truck, driving the axle off, and open fire into the cab, missing the white man inside, because they thought it was a black guy. Of course, I do believe this was another “The Officers had done nothing wrong” situation. 
Although the settlement admits no fault, Torrance Police Chief Mark Matsuda said Thursday the shooting was a mistake “from the standpoint that we ended up shooting at somebody who was not who we thought it was. 
Yet, John Q. Public recently pulled a gun in Oregon to Defend Himself, and the cops come flying in and arrest him, forcefully, while having stood and done nothing about antifa harassing the man and throwing things at his Truck and Person. The Bottom line is police are permitted to be limitlessly reckless in arresting people but won’t tolerate Conservatives trying to protect themselves. 
And a third Shooting, in the same series of incidents, by police at an Innocent Man that I had not heard until this very Moment. 

A neighbor said the truck was used every day to deliver newspapers, and the women who used it kept their headlights off so as to not wake people up. The two women were injured, but both survived. The LAPD started an internal investigation into the shooting committed by multiple officers. According to their attorney Glen Jonas, 102 bullets holes were found in the truck. The LAPD declined to confirm the total number of officers involved or how many bullets were fired or if any verbal warnings were given to the women before the shooting began.

Approximately 25 minutes after that incident, officers from the Torrance Police Department struck and opened fire on another vehicle. Like the first shooting, the incident involved a vehicle that police claimed resembled the description of Dorner’s truck, but was later discovered to be a black Honda Ridgeline driven by a white male. 

The victim of the third shooting by police was David Perdue, who was on his way to the beach for some early morning surfing before work. A Torrance Police Department police cruiser slammed into Perdue’s pickup and Torrance police officers opened fire. Perdue was not hit by any of the bullets, but reportedly suffered injuries as a result of the car impact. Police claim that Perdue’s pickup truck “matched the description” of the one belonging to Dorner. However, the Los Angeles Times reported that the vehicle involved was once again a different make and color to that of the suspect’s, and that Perdue “looks nothing like” the suspect. 

One of the hallmarks of Police Malfeasance and Shootings is the police always say the officers did nothing wrong. There is much wrong done by officers, and much more right. But we shouldn’t support bad police just because they are police. If, every time, on Social Media, people defend the cop by destroying the character of the victim, we are going to continue to let bad cops go unpunished. With the increased likelihood of the democrats taking action on Gun Control in the form of Gun Bans, police will be the ones enforcing them, and to return brutal cops to the street, and holding them unaccountable, much harm will come to good people that will be besmirched by those that refuse to see objectively, and instinctively try and protect the cop without a deeper understanding of the possibilities of the situation. 
Is Derek Michael Chauvin guilty of maliciously killing George Floyd? That I can’t answer. Did George Floyd die of an overdose that happened to coincide with the cop grinding his knee into the neck of George Floyd, possible, but not probable. Did Derek Michael Chauvin kill George Floyd by one of the mechanisms involving Carotid Circulation and Vagal Maneuvers, done intentionally or unintentionally, by the knee, I think this the most likely scenario. If it wasn’t malicious, there should be a nationwide re-evaluation of the Knee in the Neck or Knee in the Back Maneuvers. You know what, even if it was malicious, there needs to be a re-evaluation of this procedure. Enough is enough. 


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