PDS: Protestant Derangement Syndrome – Giving America to Liberals

Imagine, everytime you visit a conservative site, you’re subject to images of spiritual leaders in your religion, and memes, links, personal commentary, of how absolutely evil they are.

I’m for free speech, but consider what incessant depictions above do to adherents of the religion in question. Gab has opened the doors, ostensibly, for free speech, but I expect that it’s just a ruse, a collection point for those that criticize Judaism.

No one really criticizes Protestantism on Gab, I think because most members are Protestants. But Catholics, look out, 15 times or more per day, there are Catholic this, Pope that, articles, complete with edited photos of upside down crosses, demon or devil tails protruding from robes, and the like. Never a mention of anti-Catholicism, just pretty much presented as irrefutable facts.

Does anyone believe many Jews enjoy going to Gab? I’d say not, the less than pro-Jewish onslaught tends to distract, something that makes people angry, they loose focus. Are there some Jews there? Sure. But even many of them exploit the way overused anti-Semitism angle on issues.

Most of conservative media is hyper-vigilant about anti-Semitism, I was thrown off Spreely, in less than 24 hours from Sign-Up, while I was posting mainstream media links to pedophilia that rabbis have been involved in. Spreely said there is no Censorship, no Shadow Banning, but they banned me for a non-threatening discussion of actual pedophilia that an activist rabbi is trying to stop? The ironic thing is I was posting in response to one of the hundreds of anti-Catholic articles hosted everyday by conservative media, but Spreely welcomes Catholic hatred? Apparently. If we’re to consider every utterance about Jews that is less than flattering as anti-Semitism, then we should do the same for Catholicism and christianty in general.

Conservative media (in general) might benefit by content moderation.

1. Abandon the master list of posts.
2. Create Topics, including Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, as either a combined topic or separate.
3. All non-inflammatory discussions of religion should be allowed in the political group, but not this anti-Christ etc. BS that compromises much of these discussions, I have for 40+ years been hearing that the Pope is the anti-Christ, each one said with the same vehemence, each one wrong.

A railroad forum had the commenters venturing into the homosexual lifestyle of the engineer on a train that crashed near D.C. The moderator put a stop to it, it was, at that time, conjecture, and further comments pursuing that line weren’t allowed.

The shooting of Freddy Grey, the best discussion I saw on that was on a moderated Concealed Carry Site.

Folks, I realize many Protestants believe they are correct, but it doesn’t make them correct.

King James Version Matthew 19:24
“And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but are there not rich Protestant Ministers? What the heck, it’s in the Bible but they are ignoring it?

*Matthew 19:21
“Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”

The Shocking Net Worth of These 10 Richest Pastors Will Blow Your Mind

Joyce Meyer – owns a private jet and several homes.
Net worth: $8 million

T.D. Jakes – He’s friendly with the presidents.
Net worth: $18 million

Franklin Graham – He called Islam ‘evil.’ (What’s wrong with that? LOL.)
Net worth: $25 million

Rick Warren – He donates most of his money to charity. (Atta Boy Rick)
Net worth: $25 million

Billy Graham – He was one of the first celebrity pastors.
Net worth: $25 million

Creflo Dollar – He was also arrested for a domestic disturbance. (And?)
Net worth: $27 million

Joel Osteen – One of the best-known TV pastors.
Net worth: $40 million

Benny Hinn – He uses the church’s luxury goods.
Net worth: $60 million

Pat Robertson – He ran for president in 1988
Net worth: $100 million

Kenneth Copeland – The church funded his lakeside mansion and private jet.
Net worth: $300 million

John Piper ~ Prosperity Gospel
He follows in the next video too, but this is a “MUST SEE”. He’s absolutely correct. I hope some of you see or come to see that.

Why I Abominate Prosperity Gospel

So, we can think we’re following the Word, but actually not be following it. We can customize it to our needs, but shouldn’t it be customized to God’s needs?

Destroying Catholics because that’s what you’ve been taught, that’s what you always do, is going to destroy any hope for America to survive liberalism. Catholics are nearly 25% of the U.S. population, Jews are around 2% and profoundly democrat, yet Protestants want to convert Jews to conservatives and continue to alienate a massive voting block.

And according to Pew Research, Protestants have been losing members for decades (noteworthy though is an increase in Evangelicals), and Pew acknowledges that even with the loss of Catholics that’s occurred, when other factors are considered, Catholic populations have been remarkably stable in the U.S., they are a valuable voting block.

We’ve decayed this far with Protestant Mostly Politics, it’s time for a change, the democrats should never have regained the House of Representatives. 2020 is coming fast, IMHO we need President Trump back in office, we need to unite as Christians to do so, and chasing Catholics off of Conservative sites won’t give them the exposure needed to help sway them to strongly vote Republican.

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