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Videos will be added to this page as they catch my attention. The Dates I provide are the added dates, not show dates.

My wife and I are Catholic, she’s Roman Catholic, and I’m Byzantine Catholic. Both are under the Pope. Though Roman Catholics are the most numerous, there are other “Rites” of the Catholic church, please see Catholic Rites and Churches

In general, over the years, we listen, periodically, to EWTN on Shortwave.

EWTN Global Catholic Radio – Shortwave Frequency Guide

But with concerns of this sex scandal, these resources are available from EWTN as well:

EWTN on the Internet

EWTN on YouTube

They are not some kiss-ass station, they cover sensitive issues, in fact not long ago a Vatican official called for the station to be closed unless they fire Raymond Arroyo, who does news and interview shows and was critical of the Pope’s inaction on the Sex Abuse cases.

Here’s the show the Vatican official wanted Raymond Arroyo fired over:

EWTN – World Over – 2018-02-15 – Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo

EWTN News Nightly – 2018-09-10 Full Episode with Lauren Ashburn Added 09-11-2018

But another online website, Church Militant, run by Michael Voris, has covered issues within the Catholic church, significantly covering corruption and issues with homosexuality and sex abuse. Michael is a former homosexual and is Catholic.

Something not in the purview of the Church Militant shows, but that needs mentioned, is that sex abuse in facets of Judaism may exceed the problems in the Catholic church, and Protestantism likely has serious problems too. But Michael, seemingly frustrated by years of informing the world of the rampant homosexuality in the Catholic church, with no one taking this seriously, seems to be pouring it on heavily in terms of wishing or prognosticating against the Catholic church Federal Govt involvement, RICO Act application, and even mentioned an Executive Order signed by President Trump that may apply as well, I believe with loss of assets.

Though this more extreme punishment for the Catholic church’s inaction serves to fulfill what Michael has warned about for years, the loss of churches will hardly serve the parishioners of the areas losing churches, and the Catholic church is hardly likely to purchase new properties and open new churches to replace them.

I think priests, bishops, and cardinals that have molested children should be defrocked and prosecuted. I think those that covered up should be investigated, and punished and/or prosecuted based on their similar involvement or based on the extent of the knowledge they knew about those offenders moved. There’s the problem of seminarians molested too, and this needs addressed. Rapes should be handled as rape, and harassment as harassment, one does not gain access to another’s body simply because one out ranks them.

But we can’t limit these actions to Catholicism, if it’s going on in Judaism, Protestantism, and the muslim religion, it must also, now, be investigated to stop child molestation, not just to punish some instances in the Catholic church from 70 years ago.

Last, but by no means least, are excellent shows by Dr. Taylor Marshall.

Dr. Taylor Marshall on the Internet

Dr Taylor Marshall on YouTube

So, without further ado, here’s some shows that caught my attention from Church Militant:

The Vortex—A Priest in Hiding Added: 09-26-2018

The above story is so sad, the priest in hiding was molested twice by homosexuals, once at 11, and once during his studies for the priesthood.

Some points of the above video:

• The flag belonged to the church, the church parishioners wanted it burned.
• The flag had been removed from display in the church before Kalchik took over as pastor.
• The flag was discovered in storage. It was subsequently burned during St. Micheal’s Feast Day (St. Michael banished satan from heaven) in the Urn otherwise used on Easter Vigil to burn the blessed palm from the year before.
• The previous pastor, Daniel Montalbano, was discovered dead when he didn’t show up for mass on a Sunday. His rectory door was broken down, Montalbano was discovered naked, facing a wall of mirrors, with a homemade electrical masturbation device affixed to his genitals.
• The police were notified, conducted an investigation, and inspected the masturbation device to see if it was responsible for his death.
• The deacons that found Montalbano dead were instructed to keep his manner of death confidential.
• Removing Montalbano’s affects, two closets full of pornographic material were found.

Decidedly, Kalchik burned a flag with cross overlay, belonging to the church, used in a sacrilegious manner and did not choose a homosexual flag in general just for a statement.

The Vortex—A ‘Bridge’ Too Far Added: 10-28-2018

The Vortex—James Martin and the Vatican
Added: 10-28-2018

The Vortex—Satan at the Vatican
Added: 10-28-2018

The Vortex—The Octopus Added: 09-25-2018

The Vortex—Search & Destroy Added: 09-25-2018

This show concerns Father Paul Kalchik that burned a homosexual flag that had been used by a former priest in a Chicago church, a priest that had, according to Church Militant, been found dead in the rectory connected to a homemade masturbation device.

Special Report—Murder in the Diocese of Buffalo? Added: 09-21-2018

The Vortex—Narcissistic Sociopath Added: 09-11-2018

The Vortex—Just Calm Down Added: 09-10-2018

The Vortex—The ‘Gay Priest’ Problem

Church Militant Statement on the Pope

Pope Francis Must Resign: Zero Tolerance

Pope Francis Must Resign: Digging In


Here’s some shows that caught my attention from Dr. Taylor Marshall

Timeline of Catholic Abuse Scandal from McCarrick to Vigano Added: 10-28-2018

Pope Francis’s Agenda for Youth Synod 2018
Added: 10-28-2018

Vigano’s Third Letter:
Response to Pope Francis and Ouellet
Added: 10-28-2018

Did German Bishops Reject Pope Benedict XVI (Video of Bishops not shaking the Pope’s hand) Added: 09-25-2018

Pope Benedict and Freemason Infiltration of Catholic Church (Vigano, Brandmuller, Francis) Added: 09-21-2018

Defrocked, Laicized or Suspended: How do Bad Priests Get Removed? Added: 09-10-2018

Why did Pope Benedict Resign? McCarrick, Vigano and Vatican Bank Scandals Explained in Detail

Why Won’t Pope Francis Respond to Viganò? “I will not say one word”

St Gallen Mafia & Pope Francis: What is it?

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