Conservative Seal of Approval

Well, apparently my commenting experience on some websites I valued has come to an end. No replies, no likes, perhaps I’m on block lists by individual commenters, perhaps some just see my comments and skip. But my crime, in addition to being long winded, is that I believe in accountability where accountability is due. Banish […]

Breitbart and Moderation…..

Well, another dictionary length comment sent to the netherworld of moderation (actually, I see now, it was removed). Funny how that works. Spew Catholic hate, IMHO, it seems to be OK by them. Try and discuss how other religions are handled in general by Conservative media; with kid glove care; and that’s going too far. […]

A Note on Moderation for GP

Update #2 OK, I’m a little surprised. Innocently looking for the email addresses of a few people at GP, intending to ask more about the moderation, I stumbled upon a page, an interview with Lucian, where he purportedly said: Lucian Wintrich, a writer for The Gateway Pundit who mocks “serious journalists,” admits: “Half of what […]