Freedom of Speech, and Police Violence

Freedom of Speech. On an island of one person, it would hardly be considered valuable. But, as GAB Members, we extol Free Speech, but seldom practice it. Free Speech to Conservatives and liberals are when you are saying something that is 100% in accordance with their beliefs. Other than that, you’re a heretic to be […]

Suggested Violence Against Conservatives

Of the area I moved from recently: This coffee shop was in my neighborhood. Worse still, many customers are the Pittsburgh City Police. Gee, this place has had? a coffee card with Trump and Conservatuves pictures on it, and with a purchase, they’d punch it to look like bullet holes in their heads. Pittsburgh coffee […]

The Conundrum of American Jews….

Controversial title, right? Why? If the title was “The Conundrum of American Catholics”, would many even question it? If it was “the problem with muslims”, most in the Conservative community would praise it. But The Conundrum of American Jews, must be anti-Semitic, right? Wrong. Why don’t we, in the Conservative community, focus on the ludicrous […]

Police Malfeasance

Update: June 2020 A Blog Entry I published several years ago, police were aiding antifa by stepping down, they aided them by not arresting them for acts of violence or exposing their face to being videoed for later use in prosecution, they, in more than effect, aided and abetted antifa. At the time, they betrayed […]